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The development of the cleaning products industry in Wangli Town began around 2000.

It is based on the traditional cotton spinning industry to deep-process the recycled cotton yarn. After the cotton yarn is classified by material and color, the proportion of the composition is then combined, twisted, weaving, etc. The craftsmanship has become a consumable in cleaning products. The main products are cotton yarn cleaning mops, cotton yarn car brushes, cleaning mats, cleaning rags and other household and property cleaning products. And it has gradually begun to become famous in the world, and some large-scale export-oriented enterprises have emerged in the surrounding areas of Wangli Town.
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After 2010, the development of cleaning products has entered the fast lane.

The number of small and micro companies has continued to increase, and the number of individual companies has increased sharply. This has established a broad foundation for the emergence of medium-sized and above-scale enterprises. The product series of cleaning products is becoming more and more abundant, including mops, car brushes, cleaning dusters, cleaning rags, cleaning tools, hotel supplies and more than 100 kinds of cleaning products and household products. Among them, the core technology has obtained more than 30 national patents, and there are 10 high-tech enterprises. The production industry chain is becoming more and more perfect, with raw material processing, sample processing, independent brands, patented products, etc.

Since September 5, 2018.

Wangli Town, in accordance with the work idea of “compressing the total amount, dismantling illegally and controlling chaos, integrating and upgrading, and standardizing entering the park”, has fully implemented the “shut down one batch, upgrade one batch, and enter the park”. Work requirements, in-depth implementation of special rectification actions for the recycled cotton spinning industry (rotary spinning, Luokou machines, splicing machines), reduced from more than 1,300 to 609, 105 cleaning products companies, and more than 70 pet toy companies. Helping enterprises to transform and upgrade , Greatly improve the level of environmental protection, and significantly improve the working environment of workers.
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Recently, after being recommended by relevant departments and reviewed by an expert evaluation team, Wangli Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, was awarded the honorary title of "China's first town of cleaning products" ...