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The cleaning products industry in Wangli Town adheres to the development of circular economy; aims at the recycling fiber textile industry cluster; takes industrial transformation and upgrading as the main line; and takes the principle of continuously improving resource utilization efficiency and enhancing the core competitiveness of the industry to create a " "Hometown of Cleaning Products in China" Golden Name Card.

One is to seize the development opportunity of "carbon peak".

Using one ton of waste textiles can save 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. my country must achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality by 2035. This policy is a rare opportunity in a century for the comprehensive utilization of waste textiles. Wangli Town will take advantage of the opportunity to firmly grasp the window of opportunity, and with the help of the policy advantage of “creating carbon sinks”, apply upwards to the “venous town” characteristic town, further consolidate the first-mover advantage of the cleaning products industry and give full play to the industry advantages, and continue to build a " "Hometown of Cleaning Products in China" brand.

The second is to accelerate the construction of the park.

Focus on supporting the operation and service of the two parks of Cangnan County Circular Economy Small and Micro Enterprise Pioneer Park and Ma'an Cotton Spinning Small and Micro Industrial Park; accelerate the promotion of Xidi Park-Xiabao Circular Economy Pioneer Park and the first-class industrial industry in Luocuo Village, Wangli Town Base land project construction; smoothly and orderly promote the demolition of the old and new construction of the Bei'ao comprehensive land remediation project; accelerate the planning and start of the Wushiling small and micro park project.

The third is to seize the blue ocean opportunity of the network economy.

Seizing the opportunity of insufficient global production capacity in the post-epidemic era and the general increase in demand for cleaning products in the medical and health field, continue to strengthen the service support role of Wangli Cross-border E-commerce Pioneer Park, help companies expand brand influence and enhance market competitiveness , To increase the market share of the Internet, and promote the cleaning products of Wangli to go abroad and enjoy a worldwide reputation.
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Recently, after being recommended by relevant departments and reviewed by an expert evaluation team, Wangli Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, was awarded the honorary title of "China's first town of cleaning products" ...